Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Google announces some great updates to Slides and Docs

Link to Google Apps update alerts
Google just announced some great updates to Slides and Docs that add some nice features.

In Slides, you can now add slide numbers to your presentation, which is useful for both presenters and audiences. Just go to Insert>Slide Numbers, from the toolbar. You can apply numbers to all slides, selected slides, and skip title slides.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 11.34.23 AM.png

In Docs you can now adjust the image color and filters, like you can in slides. Select the image, click Image Options in the toolbar, and then under "recolor" you can change the color. Under "adjustments"  you can change the transparency, contrast, and brightness of the image. I really like this because now I can do more image edits directly in Docs.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 9.15.53 AM.png

Also in Docs, you can now merge table cells (a feature I use a lot). Simply select the cells in the table, click Table and then Merge Cells.

Most of these features are also available in the right click menu.

It's great to see Google continually improving these products, especially with so many people, teachers and students using Google Apps and Chromebooks.


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