My Favorite Resources for Teachers and Students

I've recently posted lists of the most popular posts for past weeks and for the life of this blog, but I thought I'd post a list of my favorite resources too. Click the links for more detailed information and discussion about each resource.

1. EVERNOTE - Evernote is my favorite, and most used resource. I have all of my lesson plans, resources, web clippings, lesson schedule, meeting notes, misc. notes, task lists, reference materials and much more on here. I can access my notes anywhere and can even share notes with others. Evernote's Evernote In Education Page is also a great resource.

2. CLOUD FILE STORAGE/SYNC - without apps like Dropbox and Sugarsync I'd be in trouble. All of my files are backed up on these systems and I can access my files from any web browser and from my smartphone. No need to carry flash drives or worry about a computer crash destroying my files and I can even share folders with others. Google Drive is now my main Cloud File Storage app.

3. RESOURCES FOR STUDENTS - Trackclass, Dweeber, Google, Evernote and more are great resources for students to use to get organized, stay on schedule, and collaborate on school projects.

4. GOOGLE for EDUCATION - I use tons of resources from Google, from Gmail, Calendar, Blogger, Sites, Classroom, Google+, Search, and more. The resources are excellent quality, extremely useful, and free.

5. GOOGLE + - I love Google+. It is cleaner and lacks the messy apps and games of Facebook, but allows you to have more in depth posts and conversations than Twitter. It's great for education, especially the hangouts feature.

6. DISCOVERY EDUCATION - The Discovery Educator Network, DE Streaming Videos, and over 25 free resources for Educators. There is so much here to help educators in so many ways.

And here's an article I wrote detailing all of the resources I use on a daily basis.
My most used/favorite Apps and how I use them