Friday, January 14, 2011

mybrainshark - online video presentations

I just learned about a site, which is a free technology tool that can be used by teachers and their students. myBrainshark lets users add their voice to PowerPoint presentations to create online videos for free. Attachments, interactivity (such as survey and quiz questions), background audio, photos and more can be incorporated, too. On top of that, it’s easy to track who viewed your presentation.

With, users can recap a lecture (using voice to give additional context to slides), provide supplementary information, administer a lesson and quiz, and even create a school project.

Here are some examples of presentations, created for free by users:

·         School Project – “Hatshepsut
·         Instructions to Students – “Book Report Guide to Success”
·         Lecture Notes – Chapter 8:  Personality Theories
·         Proposals – “Gifted Education Presentation
·         Back-to-School Staff Update – Warren County  School CTE Update

There is also a a brief myBrainshark demo – available here

I tried it out and it was pretty easy to use. What I think would be a great use for this is using it in a class when lecturing. Then, when you post the PowerPoint, your voice is also included. Or, teachers could use this to create online lessons for students.