Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Text messaging and more for hearing impaired students

In the past, deaf people couldn't communicate over distances without special phone setups. Then email came and made communicating easier. Now text messaging (with photos too) makes it very easy. What about for our students?

I would bet that a majority of your students have cell phones with text messaging capabilities. If they have a good plan, the text messages don't cost them a fortune. We could then use text messages to get them information. I've had hearing impaired students, and I have tried different techniques to help them out. With some of the new technologies out now, it will be easier the next time I have a student with hearing issues.

I can send them a text message of the lesson plan so that they can read along, and I can record the class and post it as a pod cast for them to download and listen to later. I can also print out a lesson presentation for them. If they have smartphone, I can send them a pdf version of the lesson presentation and materials and they can just read them on their phone.

Technology has made communications easier and this leads to easier accommodations for the hearing impaired.


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