Thursday, March 17, 2016

Zoho ShowTime - free interactive presentations with some cool features!

Zoho ShowTime is a very cool, free, tool that makes your presentations more interactive. It's easy to setup an account and then get started using it. You can import an PowerPoint presentation or PDF or create a new presentation right in it. (if you use Google Slides, just download it as a PowerPoint and then import).

What's different about Zoho ShowTime is that it gives you live interaction with the audience as well as analytics. You can stream the slides out to the audience's devices, encourage your audience to like slides and ask questions (which you can answer immediately or later), project these questions to everyone, and then get metrics about the presentation and audience.

Zoho ShowTime mobile (iOS and Android) apps: 

Take a look at how it works.

The audience gets to follow along on their device, like slides and ideas, ask questions and then rate the presentation at the end.

You get an online profile with all of your presentations and metrics to share and to use to better yourself.

It is free, easy to use, and will help engage your audience and improve your presentations.

Great for teachers, trainers, and students.


Zoho - suite of on-line business, productivity & collaboration apps


Soundtrap - make music online from any device!

Soundtrap is a new site that lets you make music online, from any device, with your own instruments or the virtual ones on the site. The free version offers 5 projects, 750 loops, 151 instruments and sounds and lots of other features. There are premium levels with more features and less limits.

Soundtrap works on Mac, Windows, iPad, Android tablets and phones, Linux and Chromebooks. It allows you to start, edit and collaborate on your recordings wherever you are. 

You can collaborate with others and even share your music on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud, as well as iTunes.

You can sign in with Office 365, Google, Facebook or an email account. 

This is a great tool that schools can use to help students learn and explore music. 

The Education version is in a walled garden and COPPA compliant and has different pricing than the consumer version. With this version, students and teachers are in their own private area and can more easily collaborate. Pricing is based on number of users - Starter Pack is $249/year for up to 50 users. You can use the online calculator to find pricing for more users. 

A great resource for schools, especially with all of the cuts to music an arts. 


Two infographics with tips for becoming a Power Google User!

Google is an excellent research and search tool, but there are some tips and features that a lot of people don't know about. These two inforgraphics have some great tips and information on getting more out of Google.

(click on image to view larger, or download and view)


Apps for Touchscreen Chromebooks

Image result for touchscreen chromebook

Touchscreen Chromebooks are becoming more popular, and flip models like the Acer C738T are also getting popular. These Chromebooks open up some more options and features for students.

Here is a short list of apps that are great for touchscreen Chromebooks:


Explain Everything - Collaborative Whiteboard on any platform

Build a website with PageLines

Explain Everything is a collaborative whiteboard app/site that is easy to use, has some great features, and works on all platforms, including Chromebooks (great for touchsreen ones). The free version includes access to viewer and collaboration features* of Explain Everything on iPad, Android, Chrome and Windows, and 100MB of storage on Explain Everything Discover. There are also premium versions with more features. 

Explain Everything allows you to create animations and presentations, with voice over, screencasts,  and collaborate on the projects. In addtion, there is a huge repository of projects people have created with Explain Everything that you can access and use. You can also import different files into Explain Everything to use in your project.

This is a great tool for teachers and students:
- lesson presentations
- student presentations and projects
- collaboration tool for remote projects
- remote study help

  Explain Everything™ Whiteboard- screenshot thumbnail

   Explain Everything™ Whiteboard- screenshot
   Explain Everything™ Whiteboard- screenshot

Available on the App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, and Chrome Web Store.
(Explain Everything™ Collaborative Whiteboard will be available in the US on March 16th)



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