Monday, May 18, 2009

Using TV in school

Many teachers use things from TV in their classes, whether it is an idea, or a show as an example of something. 

But what if you want to actually show the students the scene from the show? You do not have to worry about recording it at home. All you need is a computer in your classroom with an internet connection and a projector.

Almost every network has all of their shows on their websites. Most of them have the full episodes on there too. You can simply go to the site, cue up the show and scene, and then show it to your students. 

You can also check out Hulu and These are two free sites that have TV shows on them for viewing.

If you can't get to these sites because they are blocked by your schools filter, you can go to them at home. Some allow you to download the videos, others you will have to use a screen capture software, such as Camstudio, to capture the video for later viewing at school.

Remember to follow copyright rules for showing TV shows in your classroom. 

Here are the websites for the major networks:

Food Network - - cooking shows. Great for cooking classes and science classes (chemical reactions. 

Discovery Networks

Have some fun with it. Using appropriate parts of popular TV shows in your classroom can help engage your students. 

TV commercials can also be used to teach them about advertising. You can also use them in science classes and have the students test the commercial's claims.


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