Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My classroom layout and resources

I was recently asked how I am able to so so much with technology in my school. I have to say that I am very lucky with the equipment I have.

I have a teacher station with an HP desktop, HP LaserJet printer, Canon Color Inkjet Printer/Scanner/Copier/Fax, Speakers, DVD Player, VCR, and LCD Projector and internet access. The computer, DVD player, and VCR all connect into the LCD Projector. I also have a document camera, digital camera, and a Flip video camera.

My room is a physics lab room. I have 30 desk/chairs and six lab stations. I also have 8 desktop computers spread around the room. The 8 computers are connected to a networked printer. There is no WiFi in my corner of the building, yet, but it is coming and all of the desktop computers are connected to the internet.

I also have a Mimio system that turns my white board into an interactive white board. I can capture my notes, operate my computer and presentation from the board and more.

In addition to all of this, the district has also purchased some very nice software for the science department. We have Cyber Ed Physical Science, Biology, and Chemistry and Plato Learning's Multimedia Science School. The district also has a subscription to Discovery Streaming.

With all of this equipment and access to software and the World Wide Web, I am able to provide my students with a variety of learning experiences. They do WebQuests, use the software for reinforcement and virtual labs, get to see and experience new and different things. I can show them almost anything through the projector, from videos, to demonstrations, to virtual activities, and more. The AP Physics class is going to be using the Flip video camera and the computers to create an online Physics reference site with videos of labs and physics demonstrations. While doing this, they will be learning and applying physics, technology skills, and more. And, the project will help other physics students.

I'm also trying to go as paperless as possible. Students can email me work or use my Drop.io box to submit electronic copies of work. The Canon scanner is used to digitize paper work and assignments for digital portfolios. Instead of lab or project handouts, everything is posted on the class blog or website and students access it through the class computers.

Students who don't have a computer at home can use the ones in my room for any assignment and for any task. They know they can come to my room before or after school and use the computers.

I am very lucky for what I have in my room. It makes teaching and learning better and more interactive.


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