Tuesday, June 14, 2011

21 Things for Students - tech resources for students with instructions and project ideas

21 Things for Students is a site that was created as part of a grant program in Michigan for creating an educational resource for educational technology for students. As the name suggests there are 21 different resources. Each resource also includes tips and links for using it and project ideas. There is a Teacher Overview page that explains the alignment of the project with NETS and a Teacher Assessment Page that has information about the assessments and rubrics for each project.

The resource categories are: Staying Organized, Web Presence, Digital Citizenship, Be Legal and Fair, Productivity Suite, Project Collaboration, Digital Video, Information Literacy, Personal Networks, Self-Directed Learning, Online Learning, Interactive Tools, e-Commerce, Career Prep, Troubleshooting, Visual Organizers, Powerful Presentations, VAI-Casting, Virtual Programming, Data Quest, and Mobile Computing.

Projects include:  Delicious, Google Docs, tips on web presence and copyright, Google Docs collaboration, Thinkfinity, Google Maps, Quizlet, how to be a better presenter, how to use mobile computing, and much, much more.

Each of the 21 Resources includes an app or website, project instructions, and tips.

There is also a page with Fun and Educational resources and games and a Feedback Page. The Feedback page is so that they can collect feedback on the site and make changes based on suggestions.

This is an excellent resource for students. Please share it with your colleagues and students!


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