Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Amazon announces textbook rentals for Kindle

Textbooks are a major pain in many ways for college students. They are expensive, heavy, take up space, and don't always get used in the classroom. Some textbooks are very useful and students will keep them after the class is over, but many are done with a book once the class is done. Renting textbooks is a good option to save money.

Amazon has announced that textbooks can be rented for the Kindle at up to 80% off the full price. This is great news. Think about it - save money, carry your textbooks on your Kindle or tablet device (saving your back) and even annotate with notes. Amazon has stated that there are thousands of textbooks from major publishers available and that your annotations will be saved even after the rental has expired. You can access your notes at any time on the Kindle website or even in the book if you rent it again.

Pretty good news for college students!

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