Tuesday, November 22, 2011

EdReach - educational issues, commentary, ideas, and resources


EdReach is a web site that was created by a group of educators, including Scott Meech, who wanted to create a place for educators to share, collaborate, and contribute to bringing education forward. 

The site provides a platform for educators to share resources, highlight educational issues and innovations, report educational news and provide commentary on educational issues. 

There are some great articles, resources, and conversations on the site and I highly recommend all educators visit it. There are columns, podcasts, news, opinions, references and more. There are specific areas for Google/Android as well as for iOS. It's a treasure trove of educational information and resources.

I've had some great conversations over the years with Scott Meech,  Co-founder and Contributing Manager, both in person at conferences and online. He has a passion for education and the entire EdReach team is comprised of passionate educators. 


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