Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Andes Physics Tutor - intelligent homework helper for Physics

The Andes Physics Tutor

    The Andes Physics Tutor is a free resource that is described as "an intelligent homework helper for Physics." Andes allows students work draw diagrams, enter equations, and define variables just as if they were doing so on paper, but Andes will tell the students if they are correct or not, and give hings when asked. Research showed students learned more this way than with traditional paper problems. 

    Teachers just click "Try Andes" and select the topics and problems and then assign them to the students. The students enter their name (no login) and then complete the problem. The problem screen is nice with a variety of tools for the students to use. 

    There are over 500 problems that cover most of the topics that a first year, 2 semester, Trig/Algebra based physics course would cover. Andes can be used for high school physics or 1st year college physics. 

    This is a great, free resources for physics teachers and physics students. 

    Currently, the Andes project lives at Arizona State University with support from the Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center, National Science Foundation award No. SBE-0836012.  Previously, Andes was developed at the University of Pittsburgh and the United States Naval Academy with support from the Office of Naval Research, grant No. N00014-96-1-0260.  


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