Monday, February 6, 2012

MentorMob - Learn what you want, teach what you love -

MentorMob is an alpha site I just found out about that allows you to create a "learning playlist". The learning playlist is a way of organizing information and resources from the web into one list.

It is free, and easy, to create a learning playlist. You add resources to your playlist from around the web to create an informational resource, a kind of virtual learning book too. For example, there is a Learning Playlist on "How to Root your Android Phone" that starts with an article from a website about rooting and what it is, then a video on YouTube on how to actually do it, and then a different website that has apps and tools you can now use on your rooted phone.

Learning Playlists are shared on the site, so you can look for already created ones or create your own.

This is a great resource for teachers to use as learning resources, "textbooks" and more with their students. Students could create Learning Playlists as a way of showing that they understand a concept by collecting "good" resources about a topic that explain the topic for others.

Give it a try!


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