Monday, April 9, 2012

Mr. Energy visits my classes and shares some great info

Mr. Energy, aka Gerard Katz, is a former physics teacher who has over 32 years of experience in energy education. He does all kinds of school energy education programs around the country and visited my class last week.

He had contacted me because he was going to be at another school in my district and wanted to come and talk to my physics students. He presented to two of my classes and the students loved him. He's dynamic, energetic, entertaining and highly educational and informative. He even sings to them.

His presentations use live demonstrations, PowerPoint and lots of analogies and relates energy to things the students know. He has different programs, from 45 minutes up to full day programs. He did a great 45 minute presentation for my classes, explaining the concepts of energy, physics behind energy, energy sources, and the future of energy in our world. It is a really great presentation.

The presentation cost us nothing, as Mr. Energy gets his own funding from sources.

His website is The Great American Energy Debate. The site has more information on educational programs, funding, and contact information.

The National Foundation for Energy Education (NFEE) is committed to changing the current energy eduation scene and quadrupling the national level of energy knowledge.  To that end it has developed a unique and entertaining program grounded in science and hinges on student leadership.  The program is The Great American Energy Debate.   Student leaders conduct energy education activities either during the entire school year, or during a month, week, or day.


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