Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Google Plus Hangouts on Air feature now available to all users


Google+, Google's social network, has some great features that other networks don't have. One of them is Hangouts. Hangouts is a multi-person video conferencing system that is free. You can host virtual meetings, help and study sessions, or just chat with family. Google had added the ability for a limited group of people to be able to broadcast their Hangouts to the world.

Google has just announced that Hangouts On Air is now available to all Google+ users worldwide. It will be a gradual rollout though so the system doesn't get overwhelmed all at once.

With Hangouts on Air, you will be able to broadcast yourself publicly to the entire world, see how many viewers you have, and even record and reshare your broadcast. The public recording will be uploaded to your YouTube channel and to your original Google+ post.

This is a great way hold meetings, study sessions, online conferences (which Google did last week), and much more, and have the Hangout recorded for future replay and use.

Here's a video on getting started with Google+ Hangouts on the Air:

Source: Official Google Blog


Google Plus - tips for using in education, facts and data infographic


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