Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mastery Connect - share and discover common formative assessments

Mastery Connect is an app and service that allows teachers to upload, share, discover and collaborate on common formative assessments and track student mastery of Common Core standards. It has built-in grading tools, as well as data analysis and reporting tools. There is also a user community to share, get help and tips, and more.

Students, parents, and administrators can receive reports of student performance and mastery. Assessments can be used online through any web browser, on iOS, or you can print out bubble sheets that can be scanned and graded. You can also export the data to grade books and student information systems.

The free version has some good features, but does not have the assessment tools. The premium version is $5 per student/yr or $159/yr individual teacher. The Bubblescore only account is $4 per student, per year.

They also have an iOS and Android app (free) that allows you to access the Common Core Standards from your mobile device.

Check it out:


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