Saturday, May 12, 2012

Most Read posts on Ed Tech Guy for Past Week

The end of the school year quickly approaches as our seniors start their final exams on May 29th. My physics classes are working on their Rockets project. They start with a WebQuest on NASA's site learning about rockets, the physics of rockets, and model rockets. Then they design and build a model rocket, analyze it and do all the calculations to predict the altitude it should reach. Then we launch them and track the actual altitude. It's fun, a great way to apply many physics topics into one project, and a great way to end the year.

Here are the most read posts from the past week: And don't forget to check the posts on Friday's.They don't always have time to become the most read, but there are usually some good ones there (and of course  check out all of the articles on the site). Peruse some of the older ones from last year also.

1. Evernote buys Penultimate handwriting app - could mean good things for Education

2. Wappwolf Automator - automate file actions in Dropbox and Google Drive

4. Clipgenerator - easily create free videos from pictures,music, and text

5. FreeFoto - thousands of free images to use

6. Powerful Learning Practice - Day in the Life of Connected Educator

7. Some awesome things happening at Adobe relating to Education

8. Language Immersion for Chrome - helps you learn a foreign language

9. Tech Ease - great tech support site for educators

10. Great Livebinder on Google for Education resources

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