Monday, October 22, 2012

TechForum NY was 10/22 - here are some resources from it

TechForum NY, a great educational technology conference, was this past Friday, October 19th. I presented two sessions and saw quite a few people from my PLN and added some more.

For those of you who couldn't or didn't attend, you can still get some great resources.

Presenters posted resources from their sessions here: (more are coming in so check back often)

During the Livestream, people were participating from home/school and we answered some of their questions during the sessions. The sessions that were Livestreamed were: "Tools for Education Professionals", "Flipping the Classroom" (roundtable discussion), "BYO: Goals, Policies, and Logistics".

In addition to the main sessions and roundtable discussions, there were demonstrations and presentations from vendors. There were also a lot of great conversations happening in the common areas in between sessions and some great networking going on. 

It was great to see Tom Whitby and Frank Nochese, as well as meet some great new educators to add to my PLN.

Check out the online resources from the event at the links above, and also check out the great resources on the Tech&Learning website


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