Thursday, January 15, 2015

ClassDojo announces major refresh to their app

ClassDojo, a popular classroom management tool, has announced a major refresh to their apps. They have consolidated all of their apps into one, focusing on the relationships between teachers and students, teachers and parents and parents and their children. The refresh makes two-way communication between parents and teachers simple, free and beautiful.

The apps will update Thursday for all existing users and new users can download it for free on iTunes or Google Play.

ClassDojo listened to their users and found that:

1. Students love receiving positive feedback and encouragement

2. Teachers find that students learn and progress faster when parents are engaged

3. Parents and students are having powerful and open discussions about soft skills at home now

Taking this info, they redid their app to focus on these relationships to foster more communication, feedback and engagement.

Displaying 2015-01 - Refreshed-ClassDojo-650.jpg

Everyone now uses the same app so teachers can track progress, communicate and more. Students can quickly get feedback and parents and teachers can easily communicate with each other. 

Teachers can now share photos of fun classroom moments easily with parents, right from the
ClassDojo app to parents. 

Teachers can also send a Voice Note or ClassDojo Sticker to parents instead of just an email or playing phone tag with them. 


The app is also faster and more robust for better performance.  

Take a look and download it for free. Their site also has some great resources to help teachers use it to help their students succeed.


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