Monday, March 23, 2015

eGFI - Dream Up the Future - STEM Resource for Students and Teachers

Engineering - Go For It! - this site is produced by the ASEE and is completely devoted to promoting engineering. It has resources for educators and students, as well as lessons and career exploration resources.

The site opens with "cards" with different topics on them. Students can click on the cards for more information. They can also shuffle the deck to get new cards shown. There is information about different engineering topics and areas, as well as examples. 

There is also a student blog with engineering career info, news, scholarships, links, videos and much more. 

The "Engineer Your Path" section of the site has information on how to become an engineer, including tips and resources. 

There are also digital magazines and newsletters that the students can access for more information.

There is an excellent teachers section on the site also that has lesson plans, activities and other resources for teachers. Lesson plans and activities are sorted by topic and grade level and are easily searchable. There is also a monthly newsletter that you can sign up for to receive updated resources and information.

eGFI is an excellent resource for teachers and students to find resources on Engineering. 



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