Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Free eBook of Back-to-School Tips and Resources for Teachers, by teachers

Apperson Offers New Free eBook of Back-to-School Tips and Resources for Teachers. This is a great, free, eBook that offers more than 50 ideas and free, downloadable activities to help teachers kick off the 2016-17 school year.

To download the eBook, visit http://www.apperson.com/lp/back-school-ebook.

These are teacher-provided strategies, tips and activities, organized into an informative, easy-to-read PDF file that teachers can download and share.

Some of the eBook’s highlights include:
  • Back-to-school must-haves for the classroom 
  • Tips on how to build strong relationships with students and parents from day one
  • Seven ideas to make test prep fun
  • 10 books to help students understand their feelings
  • Classroom activities that teach social-emotional skills and promote positive attitudes
  • Free resources and tips on nutrition, organizational strategies, apps, and more
Download for free and take a look.

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