Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Productivity Apps And Gadgets for College Students Everywhere (guest post)

Productivity Apps And Gadgets for College Students Everywhere

Learning how to be productive and work efficiently, is one of the biggest trends of the year for business men and women this year. This trend has even passed on to many college students as they try to juggle schoolwork, jobs, volunteering commitments, etc. Listed below are some of the best apps and gadgets that college students can use to up their productivity during the craziness of their semester.


Any.do is an app that can be used to organize all of your tasks into a very stylish to-do list. The app is convenient because it is simple to use, and can be synced across all of your electronic devices. Students can even use their voices to create tasks when they are in a rush, or on the go. As tasks are entered they can be edited with different priorities so that your tasks are completed in a timely manner.


Students can use dropbox to upload all of their important course artefacts into one place. Dropbox allows users to upload files, videos, pictures, etc. into an online catalog. This eliminates the fear of losing work due to a crashed computer or other technical difficulties. Dropbox only needs an internet connection to work.


Scribd is one of the largest libraries of documents and books online. This online database contains over a million files that can help with your studies. These files are uploaded from people all over the world and are categorized by topics for easy searching. Within Scribd, students can create personalized libraries that contain notes and books they need to use.


One of the hardest parts about writing a college paper is correctly citing and annotating your sources. EasyBib is designed to correctly create a list of citations for you. Citations can be created in MLA or APA style format. EasyBIB is available in app form, and also online. The app has a search feature that lets you look for your source. Once the source is found the citation is automatically done for you. The citation can then be directly copied to your bibliography.


Studious is an app that assists students with remembering the correct date and time for quizzes and exams. It also reminds students of important homework deadlines, as well as class schedules. Students just need to enter any information about their class, professor, and deadlines and the app will help them remember.

Evernote Moleskine Smart Notebook

With this gadget, notes can be taken with pen and paper and then translated digitally. The notes are translated using the page camera on the Evernote app. The notes are then stored within the app which gives you a multitude of supplies for customization. The notes can be synced across multiple devices for easy access.

Otterbox Charger

The Otterbox charger is perfect for the college student with long hours. The case can charge your phone while you are on the go. It contains the power to extend your battery life more than twice of the normal battery life. Once your phone is at a certain level it automatically stops charging in order to save battery.

External Hard Drive

An external hard drive is used to backup any files, photos, and other artefacts that you work on. If anything happens to your computer, you have your external hard drive as a form of insurance for your work. External hard drives are normally fairly inexpensive and light. Some hard drives can also be used with mobile phones as well.

Many college students have felt that the apps/gadgets mentioned above have helped them to minimize distractions, keep track of their work, and get through student life more conveniently. In addition to these apps and gadgets there are also different web extensions that can assist students in the same way.


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