Monday, February 5, 2018

The Big Guide to STEM - free guide with resources from educators

"The Big Guide to STEM" is a free e-book containing resources and STEM ideas from educators on integrating STEM/STEAM into the classroom.

It also contains a collection of top 10 STEM lists:

* Top 10 STEM apps
* Top 10 STEM tech products
* Top 10 STEM blogs and online communities
* Top 10 STEM websites
* Top 10 STEM events
* Top 10 STEM Software Solutions
* Top 10 Resources for STEM Funding
* Top 10 STEM Resources for Girls

This is a great resource for any teacher at all, but especially those working with STEM courses or projects.

Although it's published by Boxlight, the only company info is in the
logos. Sunshine Nance, Boxlight’s VP of Marketing, has made it her
mission to facilitate STEM education, including helping to organize the
Georgia Girls STEM Collaborative and working with the STEM Atlanta Women
group. So, this guide is part of a heartfelt mission for her.


STEM Resources 



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