Monday, June 17, 2019

How VR and AR Will Change How Art is Experienced

Virtual and augmented reality have become a trend more recently due to advances in artificial intelligence. They’ve grown to be more commonly utilized tools for interpretation of ideas in a variety of fields. VR is an immersive technology experience. Though it was commonly used in the gaming industry, it’s now being applied to a variety of fields. For example, companies can make use of simulated interviews and best choose candidates for the job when recruiting and training. AR on the other hand, supplements and enhances reality that already exists. Social media filters are a good example of this. Another example, the furniture company IKEA recently used this immersive technology to help shoppers envision how furniture would look inside their home.

One of the more interesting uses of AR and VR is how it’s being applied to the arts. In particular, museums are using these technologies within specific exhibits to change the way we experience art. Invaluable created a neat visual that shows how these technologies are working, and details some of the most interesting examples from museums around the world. Check it out below!

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