Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Using PowerPoint for Unit and Lesson organization

I have finally completed a project that I thought of many years ago. I have all of my class units and lessons organized using PowerPoint. Here's how it works: 1. I have a main PPT file that is the Year Plan and has each unit on the slides. These are hyperlinked to the file folder for each unit. 2. Each Unit has a PPT file for it. This PPT file has the unit title, objectives, and then the unit itself starts. At this point, the PPT has the lecture materials and information on the slides. But it is more than that. 3. Throughout the PPT lesson, I have imbedded video clips, animations, simluations, hyperlinks to their assignments and resources, links to web sites and links to activities and labs. There are even slides for "QUIZ" and "TEST". 4. By setting it up this way, the one PPT file is the control link for an entire unit or lesson. To keep track of where I am in the unit with any specific class, I only need to note what slide I left off on. Each slide is either lecture info, or a hyperlink to an assignment, video, lab sheets, or website. 5. This eliminates paper lesson plans, with separate files for everything else. Everything is in the PPT or hyperlinked to it. It also makes it very easy to modify, add, or delete things from the lessons. Everytime I see something new to add to a lesson, I just add the description and a link in the PPT. I think this is a great way to organize lessons. I have finally gotten organized to the point where I feel relaxed. And to think, it only took 6 years!


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