Speaking and Consulting Services

Have me work with you and your staff and help you with your EdTech projects

I have had the opportunity to present and facilitate many different professional development sessions, as well as help schools and school districts evaluate, setup and deploy educational technology to support learning.

I  have 10 years of experience in education as a classroom educator, 12 years experience as an educational technology specialist, and 2 years experience as an EdTech administrator. I also write for two different EdTech magazines and review and research educational technologies and how they can be used to improve teaching and learning. 

I spent 6 years as a Senior Education Strategist working with hundreds of schools on their Edtech projects and now work coordinating my companies Google services. 

Before becoming an educator, I was an Aerospace Engineer and Project Manager for ten years. I am also an EMS Instructor and Paramedic. I combine my experiences from  these other careers into my current career and my presenting. I have spent many hours outside of my classroom time learning and researching about educational topics and ways to improve teaching and learning. 

When I speak or lead a professional development workshop I work towards giving teachers practical resources and ideas to use in their classroom. I will always provide support materials and am available via email for follow up questions. I focus on using free technology tools to support learning and using project based learning in any classroom. 

I am also an experienced Google Apps for Education trainer for deployment, planning, administration, and classroom use, and a Google Apps Certified Administrator and Deployment Specialist. In addition, I have experience with evaluating, selecting, and deploying software (mainly web apps) and hardware (including Chromebooks). 

I am also available to work with your staff on management, planning and organizational skills.

My fees are very reasonable and I can present one of the topics listed below or customize a presentation or workshop that fits your needs, as well as work with administration on educational technology issues. 

If you are interested, please contact me with the type of workshop/presentation/project request, time frame (dates, length) and location and we can discuss the details. 

daveandcori <at> gmail <dot> com

About Me:
CT Certified Professional Physics Educator
CT Certified Intermediate Administrator
Google Apps Certified Administrator
Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist
Google Apps Certified Educator
Google Apps Certified Trainer
Evernote Expert
Microsoft Innovative Educator
MS Education - Educational Technology
MS Education - Educational Leadership
BS Mechanical Engineering-Aerospace and 10 years experience as an engineer and manager
Certificate in Supervision and Management
Certificate in Quality Improvement and Organization
Certificate in Project Management
Certificate in Six Sigma
Certificate in Change Management
CT Emergency Medical Services Instructor and Paramedic
Eagle Scout
Discovery Education STAR Educator and Leadership Council Member
Experienced in IT Management and Systems Improvement
Experienced in Google Apps and Chromebooks setup, deployment and support
       -Managed successful deployment and integration of Google Apps to 26,000 users and              the deployment and integration of over 11,000 Chromebooks.
       - Consulted with over 500 school districts to deploy Google Apps and Chromebooks
       - Google Apps Certified Administrator
       - Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist

Past Conferences and Programs
dozens of events from 2015-2020.
TechForum Northeast/Tech & Learning Live NY 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 
TeachMeet New Jersey, March 2011
Virtual Tech Forum 2010
CECA (CT Educators Computer Association) Conference 2010, 2014, 2105
Apps University CT Summit featuring Google in Education - 2015
Connecticut Day of Discovery 2010, 2011
CT Education Network (CEN) Conference 2014, 2015
Google Leadership Symposium Keynote Speaker, ACES Hamden, CT 2014
Apps Events featuring Google for Education, 2014
Professional Development Facilitator, Bridgeport Board of Education - 2003-Present
Google Webinars - presented 5 different webinars on Google Apps and Chromebooks
Google Fest 2015, Lansing, MI
Google Palooza 2015, NYC
MassCUE, 2015
RISTE Google Admin Day, 2015

Published in NEA Today Magazine
Published multiple times in Tech&Learning Magazine and SchoolCIO Magazine. 
Twice Monthly Contributor to Tech&Learning Magazine.

Presentations and consulting projects that I have done in the past for multiple clients.

I can teach your staff how to do this, or be brought in to do the project while showing your staff. 

  • Google for Educators - educators will learn about the various free tools from Google that they can use in their classroom and with their students, including Blogger, Google Sites, Google Docs, Google Classroom, and many more
  • Deploying Google Apps and Chromebooks in School/District - how to setup and deploy Google Apps and Chromebooks - tips, resources, issues to address, and more. Learn the best practices and tips for managing your Google Apps for Education, Chromebooks and Android for Education Devices. Explore the Admin Console, Help Resources and Troubleshooting. Review Change Management and tips for helping your staff adopt and successfully use Google for Education.
  • Using Google Apps for Education to Improve Teaching and Learning (and Administration) - Learn how to use Google Apps to improve teaching and learning, engage your students, get organized and collaborate with others.
  • Transforming Education through Technology 
  • Good to Great with Google for Education - Learn how to take your educators and students to the next level with Google for Education. We’ll explore how to fully utilize and teach Google tools like Apps and Classroom and offer a peek at what’s new with Google for EDU (Expeditions, CS First, NEW Online Training Center, Classroom APIs, etc.)
  • APPlying Technology in the Classroom With Collaborative Tools: 
  • Considering implementing, or just getting started with Google for Education? Learn what it means to "Go Google" with collaborative classroom technology like Google Apps for Education and Google Classroom. Enter the world of deploying Google Chromebooks and Android Tablets and world-class content at the drop of a hat. Experience learning in a way that is not limited by time or location and what it means to embrace Google's "moonshot thinking" in education.

  • Optimizing your Google Apps and Chromebooks Ecosystem -
    You have decided to use GAFE and Google Classroom for your district, but how to you optimize your GAFE system and create an efficient space for student learning and technology integration. Please join us for this session overview session on external solutions and options, as well as to ask your questions on managing a GAFE roll out as a district.

  • Evernote for Educators - educators learn about this free site and app that allows you to take notes, capture web pages, and much more.  It can be used by teachers, administrators and students to get organized, capture notes and information, and share resources. 
  • Evaluating and Selecting the Best Technology for your Needs - there is no one-size-fits-all solution in educational technology. Learn how to review, evaluate, select and deploy the technology that best fits your school/district/students' needs.
  • Providing Technical Support and Training for teachers, staff and students - learn how to setup technical support and training websites, systems and professional development to best support your staff and students' use of technology.
  • IT and/or EdTech Department Management and Organization - learn how to best setup and organize your IT and EdTech departments to best serve your district. Includes staff numbers and types, training and resources for the district. 
  • Creating a Personal Learning Network (PLN) - educators will learn how to create a PLN to extend their learning beyond the traditional methods. Twitter, Blogs, and many other resources will be discussed and participants will learn how to use them for on-demand professional development. 
  • Differentiating Learning with free Web 2.0 Tools - educators will learn how to use various free Web 2.0 tools to differentiate their teaching and to offer a variety of resources and learning methods for their students. 
  • Free Resources from Discovery Education - in this session, participants will learn about over 15 resources from Discovery Education that are all free. These resources can be used by teachers in any subject and any grade level.
  • Introduction to Educational Technology - this is a "tech 101" type of program where participants will be introduced to the myriad of technology resources that exist and how to get started using them. Web sites, blogs, computer projectors, Google applications, presentation tools, and much more will be explored. 
  • Innovative Web Technologies - educators will learn about a variety of free Web resources that are available. These resources can be used by educators to be more efficient and organized and to create different learning experiences for their students. Includes everything from collaboration tools, simulations, virtual events and labs, and more. 
  • Project Based Learning, a primer - educators will learn what Project Based Learning (PBL) is and how to implement it in their classroom. PBL is an excellent method of teaching content, critical thinking skills, problem solving, research and communication skills. Participants will be shown examples and given resources to use to create projects for their students.
  • Getting Started with Classroom Blogs and Websites - educators will learn how to create and use classroom blogs and web sites. They will learn how these tools can be used as student resources, assignments, and more. 
  • Improving and Changing Professional Development - participants will explore new and innovative ways to improve professional development in their states, districts, and schools. 
  • Social Media in Education - educators will learn how to use different social media sites, like Twitter, Edmodo, LearnBoost, Google+ and more to connect,learn, share, collaborate with other educators,  and to use them with their students to improve teaching and learning and communication. 
  • Get Organized! - participants will explore and learn about ways to get organized, manage time and projects, and become more efficient and effective. 
  • Management 101 - participants will be introduced to the basics of leadership and management and learn how to apply them as educational leaders.
  • Emergency Preparedness for Schools - participants will be introduced to the basics of emergency preparedness and management. Creating an emergency plan, emergency kit, and response plan for schools will be discussed. Resources and free, online classes will be shared with participants so that they may further their training.
  • Quality Improvement - participants will be introduced to quality improvement principles and how to apply them to education. 
  • New Technologies and Communications in the classroom - new and innovative educational technology resources will be explored, as well as a method for selecting edtech resources for use and how to use them effectively to improve teaching and learning. Specifically the use of Evernote in education with an emphasis on collaboration, communication, and organization for teachers, admin and students.

If you are interested, please contact me with the type of workshop/presentation/project request, time frame (dates, length) and location and we can discuss the details. 

daveandcori <at> gmail <dot> com


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