Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Some resources for teachers

I want to share some resources I have with other teachers. Instead of re-listing them all here, I am just going to show you where they are on my website.

Go to www.physicsmedic.org and then go to "Useful Links". There are three sections for teachers - "Software Tutorials", "Educational Technology Resources", and "Teacher Resources". These sections have a lot of great links for teachers including how to use software, how to use technology in your classroom, and many other free resources for teachers. I have used or visited all of the web sites and find them very useful.

Also on my site is a section called "File Cabinet-Downloads". I have many files for teachers here under "Integrating Technology" and "Teacher Resources". The "Integrating Technology" section has handouts for all of the technology CEU's that I do for the district, as well as some other useful files. The "Teacher Resources" section has some resources for new teachers, as well as lists of resources from NASA and other teacher resources.

I have some other pages on the site for teachers, including a page about using Palm OS devices as a teacher, integrating technology in the classroom and a page with information for new teachers.

I welcome any feedback anyone has about the site, it's contents, and the resources that are listed there.


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