Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Copyright Issues

Copyright issues in education are very confusing. Copyright laws are almost impossible to understand and education has different rules for many things.

Teaching Copyright is a great resource for teachers to use in their classroom. The site has information for teachers to understand educational copyright laws and rules, as well as lesson plans to use with your students.

Students need to understand that there are copyright rules and laws and that they need to abide by them. Many students think that if it is on the internet, they can use it. They can get away with alot of this in K-12 because teachers don't have the time or resources to check everything the students use, but many colleges have these resources and students can get in big trouble if they have a copyright violation in their work.

I found Teaching Copyright to be a great resource and very easy to use. It has lesson plans, handouts, resources, and links for teachers. Every teacher should work with their students and help them understand copyright rules.


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