Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Convert Video Files to DVD

I love to use videos and video clips to help explain concepts in my classes and as a teaching tool. Most of the videos I use I get from online sources, whether it is Discovery Streaming, YouTube, GoogleVideo, or even from textbook resources.

The problem is that I don't always want to show them through the computer. It would be nice to show them on a DVD player. Other teachers have asked me to help them put these kinds of videos onto DVD. I found a great way from Online Tech Tips.

Here is a summary of the steps. The post at Online Tech Tips has more details. But it is really simple to do. For information on saving YouTube videos from the site, see THIS article.
  1. Make sure video is in Windows Media Player format (WMV)
  2. DVD Flick > Add Title to convert to DVD file and folder structure
  3. Keep adding video files until done, or DVD is full
  4. Select Destination Folder
  5. "Create DVD"
  6. ImgBurn > "Write Files/Folders to Disc"
  7. Browse for folder - DVD with Audio and Video subfolders that you saved DVD files to in step 4
  8. Insert blank DVD and select "Build It"
That's it. The detailed instructions are at Online Tech Tips. This article also talks about creating your own video using Windows Movie Maker.



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