Thursday, October 1, 2009

Upcoming Conferences

I just wanted to tell everyone about some upcoming educational technology conferences:

This is a great technology and education conference. It is Friday, October 23rd, at the Palisades Conference Center in NY (right over the Tappan Zee bridge). I went last year and it was a really great experience. I am moderating one of the round table discussions this year. More information is available at the web site I listed above. Click on "Program" to see a detailed program of the day.

TechForum Southwest ( ) is November 6th in Austin, TX.

I'm assuming it will be as good as TechForum NE since it's the same people running them both -

2. Virtual TechForum ( ) This is a FREE, virtual conference. It is a school day, but you can log in during free periods to do live interactions, and you can always go on to see the archived material later.


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