Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Krunchd - make one link to multiple sites

Have you ever wanted to share more than one link with someone and didn't want to have to write/type all of the links? Or, are you using Twitter and only have 140 characters available?

Krunchd is a free service that allows you to create one link that will bring someone to a collection of links you set up on Krunchd's system.

Example: I want to share a bunch of article links on Twitter about Project Based Learning. They won't all fit, even by shortening each url. So I go to Krunchd, set up a single link for all of them and post that one link. I can even give the collection a title and description.

You get to pick the URL, which is pretty cool. If you leave it blank, the site will generate one for you. The link will be http://krunchd.com/ and then 18 characters of your choosing.

Original Links:

A very useful site for sharing multiple links.


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