Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Educational Apps for Palm webOS


Palm's new operating system, webOS, is gaining more and more apps each day. While the iPhone and Android get the most media attention, Palm is slowly gaining share. Many teachers used Palm PDA's in class in the early part of decade. If they are looking for the same ease of use with increased productivity, functionality, and graphics, they should check out webOS on the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi.

Two new apps were released today that would be great for education:

1. Quizmine Math Reference - this app is a math reference app that allows you to get quick and easy access to math formulas from arithmetic, algebra, geometry, measurement, trigonometry and derivatives. $0.99
UPDATE: Quizmine also has a great Physics reference app too!

2. Soshiku - this app is a simple, but powerful tool for students to use to manage their classes and assignments. It will keep track of assignment due dates and will notify you by email or text message to remind you it is due. For each assignment, you can add notes, tasks, view attachments, and share messages with assignment partners. The app syncs with the free account on $1.99

And of course webOS phones have all the basic features:
contacts, email, excellent web browser with Flash support, text messaging, camera, phone, tasks, media players, note taking, and lots more, including Evernote, Twitter, Facebook and Google.

Some additional apps that are great for education:
Evernote - "remember everyting"
A+ Student Organizer - keep track of schedule, grades, calculate GPA, assignments, tasks
Flash Cards - create your own flashcards, download from site, or download user created
Easy Stopwatch - useful for keeping time and in science labs
Seismograph - show students how vibrations are recorded
Convert - unit conversion calculator
Newsfeed - RSS reader
pReader - ebook reader
Epocrates - excellent medical reference
Wapedia - encyclopedia
SciCalc - scientific calculator
Periodic Table - interactive periodic table of the elements
World Atlas - world atlas with data on countries and regions
Twee - Twitter app
AP Mobile - news from the Associated Press
New York Times - read the NYT

There are also apps to learn Spanish, a grade book app for teachers, math games, and much, much more.

And, you can use all of those older Palm OS apps (Centro, Treo, TX, T3, etc) by using the app "Classic" on the Pre or Pixi. It will then run the old Palm OS apps on the Pre or Pixi. Pretty cool!

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