Monday, March 1, 2010

Recent Resources I posted on Twitter

Recent Resources I’ve Posted on Twitter:

The STEM Academy -

Great blog on educational technology (and talks about Twitter in education a lot) -

Tutorials on doing research and citing -

Tech Tips - Create Hot Keys in Windows -

Science of the Winter Olympic Games -

Article and discussion starting on cell phones in the classroom -

Great idea from rbyrne - Dropio to collect student work -

A+ Student Organizer - great org tool for students - avail on Palm Pre/Pixi -

Epocrates medical ref now available for Palm Pre and Palm Pixi -

Tech Tips - getting help with computer basics -

Tech Tip - Tips for teaching with Computers -

Tech Tip - making comments in Word -

Ideas for schools and teachers to use to save money -

Tech Tip - Things You Didnt Know Google Docs Could Do -

The Physics Classroom - - great resource for all physics students - explains topics very well.


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