Monday, March 22, 2010

Recent Resources I posted on Twitter

Recent resources I've posted on Twitter:

Tech Tip - access US government online -

Tech Tip - Manage and Customize Tabs in Firefox -

Tech Tip - Capture and Upload Screenshots with GrabOut -

My PLN presentation resources: , , feel free to use
My thoughts on creating a PLN & why- , PLN Prezi-
here's the handout I use during the PLN presentation I do -

Tech Tip - making a photo story -

How to recover missing files -

Google Calendars Smart Rescheduler Searches For The Best Meeting Times -

Prezi Education Exchange - Collaborate via @prezi and share your lessons, slidedeck, etc. for the benefit of all

iPad vs Kindle vs Netbooks vs Books: Whats Best for Students? -

Course mngmnt system - "it's learning" -

Tech tip - remove scroll bar from Windows 7 start menu -

Tech tip - browse blogs, videos, news with Google Reader Play -

Pretty cool - wireless body area networks -

Project Based Learning with Web-based Tools

Mobile learning makes it's mark on K-12 -

Tech Tip - the fake internet - not everything online is true or real -

When students don't prepare for class:

Tech tip - 10 essential Windows freeware programs, part 3 -

Tech Tip - manage Twitter and Facebook accounts using Mixero -

Tech Tip - educator discounts -

Palm introduces new homepage -


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