Thursday, April 8, 2010

Study Tips and Notetaking Resources

All of these sites have great tips and resources for studying, taking notes, doing homework, and succeeding in school.

You'll definitely want to share these with your students.

Developing Study Skills - BYU
Great resource for students on how to develop effective study skills for high school and college success. Hosted by Brigham Young University.

High School Study Skills resource
This site is designed to be a self-help tool to assist students in making the most of their high school years. The collection of pages in this site will help you assess your current skills, acquire new ones, and apply what you learn to study more effectively, in less time, for greater understanding and better grades. Use the links in the menu bar to work through the site from beginning to end, or click on a link below to focus on a specific skill area.

Notetaking 1

This is a page on Sweet Briar College, VA, Academic Resource Center. It is in outline form, and is a very good resource to use for a quick review of note taking skills. It is simple, easy to read, and easy to implement. It gives basic guidelines, how to abbreviate, and how to set up your notes.

Notetaking 2
This is on Dartmouth University’s web site. It has a lot of good information on note taking, and includes a guide to using the Cornell Note Taking System.

Notetaking 3
This is from the University of Exeter in the UK. I really like this site because it not only gives a short tutorial on how to take notes, but it has fill in the blank forms students can use to improve their note taking skills. The entire note taking section can be downloaded as a single PDF file for offline use.

Notetaking 4
The University of South Wales, AU, has another great resource for note taking. Their site is simple, easy to read, and gives instructions on what to do before, during, and after a lecture to make sure you take good notes. They also have tips on abbreviating and using pictures and concept maps.

Notely is the new tool for students of all ages looking for help to get better grades.

Notely has all the tools a student could need, schedule, calendar, note-taking, homework planner and more.

Notely is a collection of online tools designed to help all you crazy busy students out there to organise your hectic lives. Whether you're in University, College or High School Notely has the tools to help you get organised and achieve better grades.

Homework HELP!
site contains over 780 great links to sites that will help you with your homework.

Study Curve
This is an online study community where you can get help on projects and homework and network with other students and mentors.


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