Friday, September 10, 2010

ZumoDrive ZumoCast

ZumoDrive, a great cloud file syncing, backup and storage system, has just released ZumoCast.
ZumoCast lets you access videos, music, and files located on your computer while you are away.

Enjoy your entire collection of videos and music on the iPhone, iPad, and any browser; without the need to upload or sync. This is great for people who want to access their files without any type of download on the computer they are using. This makes it easier, and more secure, to use your files on a public or shared computer. It also means that you can access your files on mobile devices, even if that device doesn't have any space available in its file storage area.

You will need to download it to your home computer.

This is also a great idea for students and teachers to be able to access their files at school without having the files downloaded onto school computers.

Try out Zumocast here.


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