Tuesday, November 30, 2010

TenMarks - FREE math practice resource

TenMarks is a free math practice resource available to teachers and students. TenMarks uses a different approach to math problem solving practice. There are a variety of problems on each topic with hints available to help students get through the problem instead of getting frustrated. There are also video lessons available to help them review and learn the topics.

Teachers can select their own curriculum, which is mapped to state standards, assign work to students which is automatically graded and then review student performance to find areas that students need help in.

I found that it was very easy to set up and the materials were very good for helping students practice and learn math concepts. The highest it went for high school is Algebra 2. There was no Calculus available for Connecticut, but I was happy to see that Algebra 2 included trigonometry since that is what my physics students struggle with the most.

All-in-all it is a very good, free resource.


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