Wednesday, December 15, 2010

AirDropper - request a file from anyone - into your Dropbox

AirDropper is a site I recently learned about that lets you send an email request to someone to give you a file. The site works with your Dropbox account and the file the person sends you will be in an "AirDropper" folder in your Dropbox folder. The person can not access your files at all, they can only send a file to you.

The site is in Beta, but works very well. It took all of 2 minutes to request a file. There is no AirDropper account to set up, you simply allow it access to your Dropbox account so that it can deposit the file.

I clicked on "START", allowed it access to my Dropbox account, then just entered my email address, their email address (you can add multiple by separating them by commas), pick a name for the request which only you see and then what file are you requesting. That simple. It took about a minute for the test email I did to arrive and then I simple clicked "upload" which takes you to the AirDropper site and uploaded the file.You can select multiple files to upload also. Very easy to use

This is a nice replacement for (which was bought by Facebook and then shut down). Teachers can send an email to students to have them submit work.

Another similar service is DROPitTOme.


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