Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DEN Blog Network - great resource for all educators

Discovery Education is a great resource for educators. I have detailed some of the resources they offer (free) in earlier postings.

Discovery Education also has a blog network. The DEN Blog Network used to be set up with each state having their own blog. Now, all of the state blogs, and other group blogs from Discovery Education are all posted in the same place. You can sort the blogs by state and even search by labels.

This new set up for the DEN Blog Network makes it a great resource for all educators. STAR Educators and DEN Leadership Council members, along with DE employees, post resources and information on the blogs. Some of it is DE resources, but much is other resources. There are also announcements for local DEN events and much more.

This is definitely a blog that all educators should consider following.

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(Disclaimer - I am NOT paid by Discovery Education in any way. I am a STAR Discovery Educator and CT Leadership Council member, but I do not receive any kind of payment for posting about Discovery Education resources.)


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