Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Google Science Fair 2011 is live!

Google Science Fair, a global, online science competition, is live today.

Google, in partnership with CERN, LEGO, Scientific American, and National Geographic is sponsoring this contest. Students aged 13-18 from around the world can enter singly or in groups of up to three students. Prizes include internships and scholarships and finalists will be flown to Google's Headquarters in California for the finale. Students have until April 4th, 2011 to complete their entry.

Students who enter will need to create a Google account first if they don't already have one. Students then complete the sign up form, plan our their project, conduct their experiment and write up their results. They then create either a two minute video or a 20 slide presentation giving an overview of the project and embed it in the project submission.

The Google Science Fair site has information and resources for the students and educators to help them with their projects. There are examples of the entry and project submissions to give students assistance in entering the contest.

There are some great prizes for the winners too, including a trip to the Galapagos Islands, scholarships, and goodies from the sponsors (one goody bag is a Google Chrome OS Notebook and Android phone).

You can follow the Google Science Fair on Facebook, Twitter, Buzz and Blogger also to keep up with news and information.

The Teacher Resource section has downloadable information sheets and posters, a link to request and information packet (mine came yesterday with posters, stickers and information sheets), tips for getting your students started with the project, and a variety of resources for science and science fair projects.

This is a great experience and opportunity for students to showcase their science talent and excitement. Please share this information with your colleagues, students, and parents.

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