Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Science Monster - science education with some fun

Science Monster is a cool new site I learned about from @shannonmmiller today. (Twitter and my PLN are a great thing!).

Science Monster has information, resources, and even some cool games for science topics such as Solar System, Earth Science, Plants, Physics, Technology and more. Animals, Chemistry, Human Life, and Genetics are all coming soon.

What I like about Science Monster is that the material is easy to understand. I also like that the launch page is pictures instead of just menu text links. There is even a section entitled "I Just Discovered" with news and current events in science. There are animations and games to help the students learn.

In the Physics section, it currently only has information on Gravity and Inertia. More topics are coming. But, the topic is explained well and the game is fun to play and does reinforce what the student just learned.

This is a great resource for science teachers and students. Keep checking back as they add more sections to it.


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