Friday, February 18, 2011

Brookstone Boogie Board - paperless note pad - I love it

I rarely mention anything on this blog that isn't free. I've talked about my smartphone, but I usually keep to free things. But, I got a great gift this Christmas that I want to share. I am not making any money by talking about this.

My wife and I saw the Brookstone Boogie Board while looking for a gift for my father. It is a paperless notepad. It is small, thin and lightweight. You write on it using the stylus, or even your finger. It has sealed battery that lasts for 50,000 erasures. I figure 50,000 erasures will last about 20 years or so. It only uses power to clear the screen. As teachers, we both thought this would be a great tool and bought each other one for Christmas.

Usually, I would have a notepad and pen on my desk at school to take quick notes, reminders, etc. But I was going through a lot of paper. The Boogie Board eliminates that issue. I leave it on my desk and can quickly and easily jot down notes on it. I can later enter them into Evernote, my calendar, or just erase them when done.

When you hit erase, it wipes out the whole screen, so you have to make sure you are done with everything you wrote.

It retails for $35, but I've probably saved quite a bit in paper costs (and saved a bunch of trees) and pens and will easily save more than that on paper over it's lifetime.

Black background and green "ink"
Dimensions: 8.8" x 5.6" by 1/8" thick
Weight: 4.2 oz
Cost: $35

I love mine and think it was well worth the money.


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