Monday, February 14, 2011

hip2b2 - Hip to be Squared - spur curiosity

hip2b2 (hip to be squared) is a new website with an interesting purpose. The site is designed with activities and information to help teach students critical thinking, problem solving and to get them to love learning. The site wants students to get a curiosity in math and science in every day life.

Some of the articles include optical illusions, the chemistry of love, how to avoid red eye in photos (and what causes it), future devices and inventions, and much more. Everything is geared towards making science and math fun.

The site has activities and links that show students that those subjects typically thought of as "hard" can be fun and are also very important in life. There is the website, a magazine, and a TV show with engaging and fun activities and information.

I found a lot of great information and resources that I will be using with my physics students. I highly recommend that all teachers take a look at this site. There are some great things here.


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