Thursday, February 10, 2011

HP Announces three new webOS devices

Yesterday, HP announced 3 new webOS devices. HP purchased Palm last year and has been working to release webOS, an excellent mobile operating system (IMHO) on new hardware. These three new devices are due out in the Spring.

Currently, there are 5 devices running webOS: Pre, Pixi, Pre+, Pixi+ and Pre 2. The new devices are a huge leap forward in hardware, and will be running webOS 2.0 or later.

The three new devices are:

Veer - mini smartphone - this smartphone, running webOS, is the size of a credit card. Early reviews show it is very usable and many people have said that smaller smartphones are needed.

Pre3 - The Pre3 takes webOS to new levels. 1.4GHz processor, improved version of webOS, larger screen and excellent hardware specs. It has a vertical slider keyboard, 5MP camera, front facing camera for video chat, and more. I have the Pre+ and absolutely love it. The Pre3 is even better and I can't wait to get one.

Touchpad - the first webOS tablet. It is beautiful looking, with some minor changes to the OS to make it work better on a tablet. Multitasking, inductive charging, Synergy, and so much more. This is going to be a great device for schools.

webOS is a pretty incredible mobile operating system. It has true multitasking with Card View, Synergy (all your data is backed up and pulled together from multiple sources onto your device), great apps, and is easy to work with. Notifications pop up on the bottom of the screen and do not interrupt what you are working on. webOS is great for individuals, education, and businesses.

The Touchstone charger that currently exists will work with the Veer and Pre3. A new Touchstone is available for the Touchpad also. The Touchstone is an inductive charger, meaning there is no plug to put into the phone. Simply sit the phone or tablet on the device and it starts charging. You can also program what you want the device to display when it is docked.

With the new devices, you will be able to easily work together with them. If your phone is docked, you can answer a call or text on the tablet. If you want to continue your work from one device to the other, you can simply tap the two devices together and they will transfer what you were working on.

webOS is a great operating system. Palm had problems with hardware and marketing, but HP has come out with incredible hardware and has the scope to really push webOS to the masses. HP also mentioned that webOS will be coming to printers, PCs and much more in the future.

For more information, details, reviews, and specs, visit the following sites:

1. - the place to find out news, information and reviews on webOS products and software.

2. - HP/Palm's home site for webOS devices, apps and accessories.

3. - HP webOS site

4. What HP/Palm Got Right (that Apple didn't)

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