Thursday, March 10, 2011

Campus Technology - great free resource for higher ed (and K-12)

Campus Technology is a great, free resource for higher education professionals and also has a lot of resources and materials that are applicable to K-12 education.

The site, and print magazine, are free for educators who work in or with higher education. There are news reports, product reviews, case studies, links, resources, and more.

Campus Technology also runs live and virtual conferences.

This month's issue of the magazine has two great articles that I think apply to all levels of education:

page 26 has an article about putting the focus on performance and ways to measure student performance.

page 34 talks about e-textbooks and why, even with an explosion of e-readers and tablets, e-textbooks have not taken off.

You can access the magazine free online at the home page or subscribe for the print edition.


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