Thursday, March 3, 2011

Notely - free, full function, student organizational tool

Notely is a student organizational tool, designed by a college student in the UK.

Notely is free, easy to use, has a mobile site and has lots of great features. Notely includes a Calendar, To-Do list, Homework organizer, Notes section, and allows you to organize links, contacts, files, and your classes. You can upload files to keep them organized with your class notes.

Tasks in your to-do list have due dates and are listed in that order. The notes function is a fully functional word processor that allows you to add formatting, links, highlighting, and images to your notes. The calendar can even remind you of upcoming events.

You can sync your calendar with iCal downloads of your calendar and to-do list and export notes to PDF, DOC, and TXT formats.You can also email notes and export all the data in an Excel spreadsheet.

The site has some nice videos that show you how to use it.

I am a huge proponent of Web 2.0 tools that help students get organized and Notely fits that category. It takes all the tools a student needs and puts them in one place.

Stay organised with Notely's schedule
Notely makes writing brilliant notes easy
 with Notely is a breeze!

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