Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Science Spot - lots of great science resources for teachers and students

The Science Spot is a collection of science resources, links, lesson plans, articles, and more.

The Science Classroom has lesson plans, activities, and more, organized by subject area. They were mainly developed for middle school science, but are easily adaptable to high school.

The Science Club page is for a science club at the host's school. There are a variety of activities, such as an egg drop and geocaching, listed that are great for use in or out of the science classroom.

The Reference Desk is a collection of web links and resources, sorted into categories such as science, educational, and lesson plans.

The Idea Factory is a collection of ideas and activities for the beginning and ending of the school year.

The Kid Zone is a great page for students. It includes links and resources for learning about science and is organized by topic. There are also links for technology, careers, and more. The links are all great resources and I've used many of them with my students.

There are also the following pages: Nature Center, Science Trivia, Puzzle Corner and Tech Corner (tech PD).

This is a great resource for all educators, especially science educators and for students.


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