Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Google a Day - puzzles to be solved using Google Search

A Google A Day is a neat new site from Google. The site posts a puzzle and then you use Google to search for the solution. 

The daily puzzle can be solved using clever search skills on Google. Google will post the questions daily on agoogleaday.com and also will be printed in above the New York Times crossword puzzle. 

The site uses Deja Google, a new platform from Google, that leaves out recent web pages. This makes the game a little more interesting and challenging. Deja Google is defined by Google as a wormhole inspired time machine that searches the Internet as it existed before the game began. Because nobody wants someone's recent blog post about finding an answer spoiling their fun."

This could be a fun activity for teachers to use in their classrooms. Students can learn about something new while improving their search skills. It takes creativity and critical thinking, so it's a great way to get students to explore and expand those skills. 


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