Thursday, June 9, 2011

Present me - easy way to record and share presentations is a service that allows you to easily record your presentation with video and audio linked to the PowerPoint presentation. You upload your PowerPoint slides, and then converts them to a web based file. Then, you go to the site, click record and present in front of your web cam, clicking your slides just like you normally would. Now you have a single file that has your slides, you, and your voice all linked. You can then share it with others, embed it, or just keep it for yourself.

This is great for recording review sessions or lectures or meetings, etc and then having them available for future review and viewing. It's easy to use and very useful.

Here's an example of how the presentation will look. The slides are on the left and the video on the right. You can skip around to other slides by clicking on the thumbnails at the bottom, or move the slider. It's easy on the eyes to watch also.

There are tutorials and help information on the site, and they even have a Presentation Academy that gives tips on creating and delivering a great presentation. There is also a gallery of featured presentations.

There is a free account that has some limitations: recordings are limited to 15 min, you get 10 recordings per month, there is a 50MB file limit and there are ads. You can upgrade to accounts with more length, number of recordings and file sizes. The Plus account is $29/month and the Max account is $100/month.

I am thinking that with the 15 min limit, I could use it to create study and review guides for my students. Especially since it is so easy to use compared to some other presentation recording systems I've tried. Groups of teachers or schools could probably share an account too.


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