Friday, June 3, 2011

Qualcomm shows off cool new e-pen technology

Qualcomm has announced a very cool ultrasonic pen at the Computex expo. The pen has an ultrasonic transducer on it and connects with a smartphone that has 3 microphones. The signal is triangulated and the phone can determine the location of the pen. The phone can then capture the movements of the pen and the handwriting that is done by the pen, on regular paper up to a distance of 30cm. 

This is similar to the Mimio device I use in my classroom. The Mimio turns my white board into an interactive white board. I can capture my notes, operate my computer and presentation from the board and more. There is a stylus to use or some models let you put a dry erase marker in a special holder that has a transducer on it to transmit to the receiver. 

It's also similar to the LiveScribe pen I reviewed last week. The Livescribe stores the data internally and needs special paper (which you can print) and then you transfer the data to your computer. I would be surprised if LiveScribe hasn't already been looking at this kind of new technology. 

Technology and gadgets don't invent themselves. We need to encourage our students to get into STEM course and career fields and be curious and inventive. 

Qualcomm is an American mobile electronics and technology company and was the inventor of CDMA and many 3G wireless technologies. 

Source: Engadget 

(photo from Engadget - platform paper and phone are on are just for demo)


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