Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Adobe Educators Choice Awards - leaderboard for today

Adobe Education Exchange is a great resource for educators, with resources, lesson ideas, lesson plans, and a place to collaborate with other educators.

The 2011 Educator's Choice Awards is an awards program for educators. Any educator can enter. You submit your innovative teaching and learning materials and you could win some really nice prizes. Submit  your projects, lesson plans, curricula, tutorials, and more. Educators will rate the work submitted. There are four categories: Primary/Secondary Cross-Curricular, Primary/Secondary Digital Arts and Media, Higher Education Cross-Curricular, Higher Education Digital Arts and Media.

Submissions are excepted until October 14th so get yours in today.

Here are the leading projects as of today:

Primary/Secondary Digital Arts and Media

"The Shrine Down the Hall" - Adobe Photoshop - In this lesson students will view Ashley Gilbertson’s photographs from his show “The Shrine Down the Hall.” Students will respond to these images both individually and as a group in a discussion. Each student will then photograph their own bedrooms in a way that will document something about the student.

It's a very interesting project and has the students creating and analyzing art.

Primary/Secondary Cross-Curricular

"Ross Boss Projects: Pinball Wizard" - Adobe Flash Professional, Illustrator, Photoshop - This is an interactive website for a STEM unit in which fourth grade students learn mainly about electricity & magnetism and force & motion. Learning is accomplished through the building of pinball machines.

Very fun and educational.

Higher Education Digital Arts and Media

"The Battle to Learn Adobe Flash" - Adobe Creative Suite Web Premium, Flash Professional, Photoshop - Learning Flash is tough and often discouraging, however the students that take an active involvement in learning it produce fabulous results. So to build their intrinsic motivation, I devised a curriculum structured as a game. Each student completes challenges, earns points to level up and can even win special badges for going above and beyond. A website was built and each student had their own account. The site tracked their progress, showed available challenges, provided resources to help them with the daily challenges and displayed an anonymous leaderboard to show where they stand amongst their classmates.

Creative and original.

 Higher Education Cross-Curricular

"Take Action!" - Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Captivate, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash Builder, InDesign, Adobe Premiere Pro - As an English composition instructor, I realized that students needed to do something more engaging than writing a boring research paper. So, I broke the final research project into three parts: A descriptive portion, a research portion, and a persuasive portion. For the final part, students had the opportunity to replace the written persuasive aspect with a form of digital media--video, audio, or web. Finally, though students could choose their topic, I stipulated that it had to be about the natural environment. It worked wonderfully!!

Interdisciplinary and multimedia instead of plain old type out a paper.

Check them out and see the other projects and vote for your favorite.


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